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Posted on: October 7, 2009 10:34 am

After The Redskins Loss To Detroit, To Exile I Go


That's it! I've had it!

Ok we lost to the Giants, they're a good team

We BARELY beat the Rams when it should've been 21-7 instead of 9-7

And now.... losing to the WORST TEAM IN THE NFL..... need I say more?

I'm disappointed with Zorn's play calling (I'll admit Jason Campbell with under 4 minutes to go ran the offense better in the no-huddle than huddling up and calling Zorn's plays). Campbell looked ok but "OK" doesn't cut it in my book especially when it's against the Lions!!! the 19 game loosing streak Detroit Lions!!!!!!!!!! Zorn gave up on the run in the first half which you CAN'T DO when a GREAT RB in Clinton Portis is back there. We got lucky on that 1 TD, it was blown coverage.

This is the BIGGEST disappointment for the Redskins coaching wise since Steve Spurrier was our coach

This is the most crushing loss since the Patriots kicked our ass like 52-7 or something. I am FED UP with this! I've been a die hard Redskins fan for years and I'm tired of almost-but-not-quite ok seasons, I'm tired of the revolving door at the coaching position (Gibbs, Spurrier, Zorn, Terry Robiski, Norv Turner, Marty Shottenhimer, Richie Pettibone damn! What happened to the old Joe Gibbs? or George Allen? good coaches? We have NO red zone offense and can't do a thing unless the game is close late and we run the no-huddle an drun ofr our lives to get a TD.

I'm tired of an owner who just wants to open his wallet and throw insaine ammounts of money at players who hardly performed... we all can start by listing many many names. Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta, Rod Gardner, Patrick Ramsey... heck until Andre Carter's 10 sack season, he was on that list too. Snyder just throwing so much money around, does that impress me? NO! I wan't wons, not $100 million dollar guys whom I have no idea how our team can afford him and would rather not know.

If we were a good team, we should've won... what does this say? This says we are worse than the worst team in the NFL last season... and that sucks. Am I panicking? NO... way past that. But I am Pissed off!!! Next week we play the Buccaneers, who are 0-3 and have given up atleast 24 points in a game but in 2 out of 3 games they have forced more than 20 points... We can't score 20 points, we can't win. We lost to Detroit, we'll loose to Tampa Bay. Snyder needs to stop screwing around and make a good decision for once and either sell the team (which he won't do Mr. Money-hungry madman) or he needs to get someone other than Vinnie Cerrato to help him decide what's best for the team rather than just sitting around twiddling his thumbs and jerking around all day and make a good decision. We're rooting for a team that is no where near playoff calliber, no where near 8 win calliber even. Campbell's 70% completions doesnt impress me. Portis is the offense, give him the ball. Zorn isn't any hall of fame calliber coach or even super bown calliber coach... maybe a lucky playoff coach but he won't get us to the big game. The play calling is predictable and it has KILLED us!

I'm disgusted, disgraced, demoralized, heart-broken, un-enthused, ticked off, hopeless, and completely and utterly just SHOCKED! And i'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels this way.

I'm out
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